Hollywood Screen Tests provides professional-calibre screen tests and 4K motion portraits® for acting talent.

Actors & actresses love to sink their teeth into juicy roles, roles that enable them to play the many emotional colors they are capable of expressing on-screen... to communicate the human condition.

However, what if you haven't had an on-screen role that highlights the full range that you're capable of? Or what if you want casting directors and producers to see you in a different light? To believe you are skilled enough to handle the series lead? To be Number 1 on the Call Sheet?

That is what our motion portraits are expressly designed for, to give you that additional ammunition to force the casting directors and other decision makers to sit up and take notice.

Our service enables up and coming actors to work with experienced directors and cinematographers to create scenes that showcase their talent.

THE HOLLYWOOD SCREENT TEAM: William & Christopher have directed music videos, commercials, documentaries, and several award-winning short films, which played and won at film festivals across the globe, include SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL, HOLLYWOOD BLACK FILM FESTIVAL, SEATTE SCIENCE FICTIN FILM FESTIVAL, NEW ORLEANS MEDIA EXPERIENCE, SAN DIEGO BLACK FILM FESTIVAL, LA SHORTS FEST, ACTION ON FILM FILM FESTIVAL, AFRICA IN THE PICTURE (in Amsterdam, The Netherlands). Most recently, Will & Chris directed BLOOM, a TV pilot/sizzle starring Skylan Brooks of THE GET DOWN. They've been active members of the Writers Guid of America, West since 2006 and have developed projects with Oscar-winner Wendy Fireman, Janet Yang, and Brett Ratner.

Alex is world-class graphic designer, fashion designer, and photographer. He's designed wardrobe for Ron Brown's EVIDENCE dance company, Alvin Ailey American Dance Company, Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, and his clothing has appeared in music videos for artists like Keisha Cole, Wanluv, Erykah Badu, Q-Tip, and featured in TRACE Magazine. His photographic clients include Air France, KLM Dutch Royal Airlines, and many local NY fashion brands. Our filmmaking & photography experience coupled with a premium cinematic camera package will give you the next level look your reel needs to take your career to the next level.
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